For You Leaders - Business and Leadership Podcast Featuring Kirk Dando

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the real issues leaders face. Kirk Dando goes beyond veneer and into the raw and real of leadership. You'll learn from world-class leaders in a variety of businesses. Kirk will bring insight from over 20 years of experience working with more than 7,000 leaders. More about Kirk: Kirk Dando has been there, done that. Since growing - and selling - a $1b company, he's made it his mission to share what he has learned and help other leaders unleash new (often explosive) growth. From difficult people issues, to raising capital to developing and communicating the right growth strategy, he’s helped solve the real issues that growth and success cause. He's helped everyone from startups to publicly traded companies. His bestselling book, Predictive Leadership, shows execs what the world’s top 10% companies know and do differently. Predictive Leadership helps eradicate the fears and doubts that often make it “lonely at the top.” Kirk has a stunning track record of connecting with audiences and causing breakthrough growth for companies that face problems stemming from their own success. As seen on Fox Business, Bloomberg and WSJ Television, audiences relate to his real-world stories and his high-energy, no-nonsense style as he demonstrates how leaders can predict problems before they show up in the results. Today, Kirk partners, invests and mentors a select group of leaders and their companies. He also speaks regularly and publishes on Have a question or comment about the Podcast? Visit to let us know what you think.

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